Friday, January 22, 2010

Emma's Is Wonderful

We had a good day today. We were home in the morning. At noon we headed to the movies. We saw Extraordinary Measures and it was very good. Inspiring, moving, and interesting...Emma was perfect.

After Jan picked us up and we went out to chat. We often spend Friday afternoons together for a few hours. She is a special friend and we always have interesting things to talk about.

Tonight we did some cooking for Greg's work retreat this weekend. We also watched the Haiti fund raising special on tv. I am so sad for the victims of the earthquake. I am inspired that people are coming together to respond to their need.

Emma was in great behavior all day and fun to be with. She had good times outdoors. The weather is causing ice tonight - ugh.
I am glad to have Emma share my days.

We will be home all day tomorrow I think. Her birthday!!

Emma and I love being a team together...we had a good day.

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