Monday, February 1, 2010

Saturday we had a great time with the grand daughters. We picked up Rosa and Sophia and went to a play. Our friend's children were in a church play. It was great and kept all of us entertained. Then we went to there home for dinner and talking. The girls headed home with us for a sleep over. We had a great time.

Our friends have birds and Emma was a bit interested. When she got near there cage she got excited and they were scared. A command to "leave it" I immediately got her to lay "under" the table and sat there to help with the meal. Rosa however got scared when they let the bird out to show her (on their finger). One of them set it on her shoulder and she freaked. Then the poor little girl had a nightmare and thought there were birds all over her. So that was not good. It all happened so fast i didn't get to voice to not put the bird on her. It was one of the boys who thought she might like it.

Otherwise the day went just terrific. I was fortunate to have them Sunday morning till early afternoon also. They play so great and are such great kids. I am one happy grandma - to say the least. But Emma and I needed to rest once they left and I forgot to blog.

All is well here. Greg worked a full 14.5 hour day Sunday. So he is resting a lot today. It is gently snowing. We might go get a few groceries later? Emma is doing fine.

Wishing you a good day. Mary and Emma

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