Friday, February 5, 2010

from Emma

today is friday
we went on errands part of the day
Greg wonders if part of my role in life is to delight children?
Everywhere Mary and Greg and I went
the children are delighted
we were at fleet farm and the grocery store
we also had to go to a medical supply store

it snowed
it snowed again
I think I like it more than Greg
I don't have to shovel it
it is suppose to snow more sun night
at least measured in inches per snow fall
not feet per snowfall
that is good

i had a lot of fun outside today
I like to try to fetch snowballs
run after bunnies if I see them (nome today)
and just about hanging around in the snow
There is so much to play in
my fenced yard

we are hoping tonight we sleep better
a part broke off Mary's sleep mask for her bipap machine
she snores
she couldn't breathe so it kept waking up
when she slept she snored so loud
greg woke up
the kind of took turns sleeping
and I finally moved out to the living room
I mean a dog needs her sleep

all fixed now so tonight should be
a quiet night

wishing you all a good nights sleep
enough snow to be fun if you live where there is snow
and a good weekend

love Emma

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