Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Party

Sunday is quiet we are home all day. That is good as I am so tired from the party and party preparation. Emma is happy to get outside with me. It is sunny and nice for MN in Feb.

Sat we had 16 people to celebrate Anna's birthday. It was such fun and I think she enjoyed it. Loved this picture. Unfortunately some I took did not turn out. It was so much fun.

You saw Emma's post and mostly it was okay for her till the dogs got a bit possesive and wanted the same space under the table. It all worked out though. Today she is queen of her own house like always ha ha.

Book club is tomorrow.

I am working on some phone calls and internet search for a grants information for the MS Society. I will let you know how the overall campaign goes. I am a small part of it all and will help for about a month. Doing behind the scenes work. As my time and health permit. Mostly at home. I am not the only one working on this and the time committment is manageable (excuse my spelling on this post). No committee mtgs so I think I can do it even though I don't drive. Most is at home. The MS office is not far from Greg's work and the only times I have to go down there I get to decide what works in my schedule and more importantly his.

The MS Society and programs do so much that I am so pleased to help in any way that I can.

Off to take Emma outside. She is sleepy today but always thrilled to go outside. We need to go while the sun is still shining.

Thank God for my family. Anna is my oldest and will be 31 on Sat. Can I have a daughter that age? She has added so much joy to my life. Thank you God for Anna and bless her now and in the years to come.

Mary and Emma

Anna is very special to Emma. She steps in the door and says "Emma want to go outside? and off they go!!!!!!!!!) Wiggle butt loves when she comes over.

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