Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Look at Snow - Think Spring

Today we took metro mobility like we do on Wed. Those who live in the area might chuckle at this. They actually got me to Regency Hospital in Golden Valley on time but guess our route. We went from New Brighton, to Como Ave in St Paul to pick up someone and then to Golden Valley. Emma did get to ride on the seat so we just enjoyed the scenery.

Our afternoon meeting was for lunch and then to help promote MS Camp with Jeannie Zank of the MS Society at a gathering of MS patients. It was really nice. She had a video of the camp photos and it was such fun to remember camp. Yes it is in May and we hope to be able to go this year. We applied but we do have to see if there is enough room for us. We go to the May camp.

A friend who also helped gave us a ride home. Metro Mobility was not available to give me a ride at the time needed. We came home did a few things and took a long nap. Oh and of course Emma and I went outside too.

In MN the days are slightly longer - meaning more daylight. The temp was 33 and it smelled of spring. Birds chirping and so on. Yes we have the rest of Feb, and March for more snow. By April things get warmer still and less snow...The hope of spring gets me through the end of winter.

I know 33 does not sound warm to many parts of the country at this time of year - but in MN it feels just great!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma truly slept at the meeting today. She was so good there. She played with me before we napped. Today I really marveled again at her beautiful coloring. she is such a pretty dog and the best of buddies to me. She is just what I need in a service dog.

Tomorrow we have water exercise but heard the pool might be closed due to an unforseen problem. We will call in the morning to see about this. That is our plans for tomorrow. I also have to get reading as book club is Monday and I am NOT finished with the book yet.

Take care and have a good day.

Emma and Mary

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