Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday night had some physical problems but at least a great day.

We spent part of the day with my granddaughters - including taking them to lunch at Snuffy's and going to Barnes and Noble. They are so great to each other and so polite and fun to be with. We had a blast.

We did a few errands after dropping them off and I guess I pushed too hard or who knows what? A late nap and going to bed early helped me very much. Emma snuggled in with me most the time.

Greg had to shop and tested some recipes for a special gathering he has at work tomorrow, sunday.

Emma is so cute. Rosa really loves her as does Sophia. We also took Sophia to the dentist and Rosa realized the other children could not pet her. She was able to pet her while we waited. Once there were not so many in the wiating area we let one 6 year old also pet her briefly. It was cute to see them interact under my watchful eye. Rosa had to show the boy just how to pet Emma lightly and only a little bit.

Overall, a good day. I just get so tired quickly some days and this dump breathing issues with pain. Well I have meds at home so could handle it all here which was good.

Mary and Emma headed back to bed

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