Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I have been dealing with so much fatigue and forgetting to blog. We are okay though and i don't want you to worry. Emma is doing just great.

Tuesday for the first time ever at water exercise she wanted to leave early. I just couldn't get her to sit back down. So it was about 5 min early. I got out and took my shower but first gave her water (our routine). You can't imagine how full a bowl she drank!!! She was thirsty. It was more humid where we were then normal. I hope she manages tomorrow. She always has plenty of water available to her at home. She has been tested for diabetes as "when she drinks" she drinks a lot. She is just fine though and has a good bladder too.

On the metromobility buses this week she has been outstanding. We used the transportation service both yesterday and today. She is just doing awesome.

I am off to bed again. We rested early in the night despite a nap. Not sure if it is just regular MS or what. Got the application form for MS camp and am excited to mail that.

More tomorrow and I will try to take more pictures too. Emma and Mary

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