Monday, February 8, 2010

Exploring the Snow

I love this picture. It is Reagan (I think I spelled it correct) . Reagan is a puppy. She just joined the Owen's family. Yeah Rosie is going to train her to know service dog role but she will be a breeder dog for Helping Paws Puppies. Isn't she adorable playing in the snow.

I wanted to get a cute picture of Emma in the snow also. I am not very steady on my feet today. I think I would need boots on and to be right in the snow with her. Because of my dizziness, and difficulty walking, I am watching her from the patio door as she goes outside. Yeah for a fenced in yard. I keep my eyes on her and she keeps checking on me too. The snow is drifting and so piles are deep. Emma loves it.

The snow is pretty and cute. The weather is not as cold as it was around Christmas and January. Snow in February is pretty normal in Mn...

Emma and i are ready for nap. I hope that you have a good day. Just had to share this photo with you. Thanks Rosie.

Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

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