Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow for Emma

Emma and I are almost ready for bed. We went to water exercise today. She did well and did not get up for water. After my swim time I gave her a big bowl of water of course - while I showered. She liked that. She played in the snow and yes of course we napped. She snuggled with me while we watched some tv tonight.

She is so much company and so relaxing to be with. Today the cue we had to use a bit more than often was "leave it". As in leave it alone. She would want to check out things in the snow as we walked on the sidewalk today. She was for some reason very interested in someone else's towel today. A towel had dropped from a bar and was on the floor close to her.

I can't tell you how much she enhances my days. What a sweetheart she is - yeah for you Emma.

Happy Birthday to Pam at Helping Paws. She is special to Emma and to me.

Wishing you all a good day on Friday. Suppose to keep snowing here overnight. Only around an inch or so I think. emma will like that..........

Emma and Mary

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