Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nurse Emma


Mary is very sleepy.
I am at her side every minute
Greg took me out this am
Mary is going to take me out now
It is colder so I will not be out long

I don't know if we will do water exercise
our normal routine tomorrow
Mary says we might go and she just will do less activity
in the water IF that is needed
She still has some wheezing

I brought her a blanket.
I sleep close to her
I picked up some things she dropped
I love working for her
Especially at home or that is what Mary says

The insurance won't okay one medication we want to use
It works better with less side effects for mary's breathing
Insurance can be so frustrating
The doctor will write a letter I suppose
To see if they will make it okay to use this other medication
It was used before and works better
Mary says insurance can be so frustrating
But good to have it

We feel bad for people without insurance

I do not know what that all means of course
Being a dog
Mary and Greg talk about it

I am doing the best i can to care for Mary
Greg says that it helps him not worry when he goes to work
To know I am here
He does NOT work tonight late so that is good

Mary says thanks for the ecards and emails
She will be fine.
A new specialist might be able to help us out too.

OOh I need to go outside NOW
Then Mary says she wants to read or sleep
I am guessing she will fall asleep reading
IT is a good sign that she can fall asleep
Means the pain in the chest is under control

Take care

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