Thursday, April 1, 2010

No fooling!!

Almost 80 degree here. Had lunch outside with a friend. Enjoyed time on the deck together.

WE had lunch at a place where you eat outdoors.
Another service dog was there.
It was not Helping Paws.

Guess which dog did not get upset?
Guess which dog just followed my cues like always.

Way to go Emma.

Met Nancy Schapiro's Dad and that was fun. Staff of Helping Paws know who I mean. Always fun to meet Helping Paws supporters.

Did I mention we found a wild turkey in our yard?

We had fun and then a long nap. When it gets this warm it does tire me a bit more than normal. Okay the closer to 80 and above the more fatigue and difficulty getting the nerves to get messages from the brain. Not complaining though it was wonderful.

A quiet night tonight for us.

Way to go Emma - we had such a nice day.

Mary and Emma

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