Monday, April 5, 2010

We had a nice Easter. It was quiet though. We missed Mike, Tia, and Sophia and Rosa. The other children were here but we all seemed tired i guess. We had dinner early at 12:30 and everyone was gone around 5:30. We talked rather than play games and had a nice day.

Sat we were at the Twins Game. Emma stayed home till I went once to check out the space. It was fun and we all enjoyed it. We did NOT have handicap seating as we were told it was sold out. We also were told in our area there was a place to park the scooter but that was false. To resolve the situation two non handicap people in those seats changed seats with Greg and I. Kind of them. We did not get to sit with Dan, Mike, Tia, Sophia and Rosa however which was a bummer. Rosa sat by us though part of the game. I mean with us. The Twins won the exhibition game. So exciting to be at the park.

Glad I was on the scooter it was a long long way to parking from our seats. Emma did fine at home and accompanied us to the Sat Easter Vigil Mass. That lasted two hours and both she and Rosa (after a nap) handled it well I thought. It was lovely but oh so long. I was so tired out. Greg needed to be there at that specific service/Mass for his work duties. I was glad to go with him.
Mike was there also.

All in all a good weekend. I had to go to bed very early on Sunday night. Friday night Rosa slept over which was super fun. I had to take a morning nap today Monday to get moving for the day. We window shopped awhile with Emma and she was perfect. Greg also did some planting so we were outdoors. It was another good day.

Tomorrow I hope to have the energy for water exercise. The last several times I have not been able to do the full routine without breathing issues. So I will do what I can. We have Dr appointments wed, Thurs, and Friday and one next week and the following week. So that will maybe help me out.

We are enjoying being outside more. Sitting in front or the back yard. Emma loves the fenced yard in the back.

We hope to watch the beginning of the Twin's Season Opener Tonight. Since it is in California it starts at 9 our time. NOt sure I napped enough to watch much of the game but will at least start it.

Emma had a great day. She was so well behaved everywhere we went today. She didn't mind me taking two naps with her at all of course. She makes noises when she dreams.

Wishing you pleasant dreams and sunny days.

Emma and Mary

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