Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Emma brings Joy

We hung out with Greg all day. He works all day morning till later night tomorrow so glad to share time. Emma and I had fun. We did some grocery shopping, had some time outside, watched the Twins game on TV, napped, shared a nice dinner and just enjoyed a relaxing day. Relaxing but a bit productive too.

I met a lady in the store. She was very elderly. Her eyes glistened when she saw Emma. We were both looking at greeting cards. She told me that first it was tough to have kids grow up, then to be alone, and later to loose her dog. She wasn't in a place to get a new dog. She asked if she could pet Emma. I said yes. She was so pleased she wiped tears from her eyes. I miss my dog so much - she looked like Emma - and thanked her profusely. Emma brings joy to others too.

There were many young children at the grocery store. All ages of children. One was just learning the name for dogs and her parents were so proud to have her say her version of "og". One little girl was celebrating her second birthday and so excited she almost burst to see a doggy. Her dad and I visited just a bit. Emma sure brings smiles to so many. People like to talk to you when you have dog with you.

I field lots of questions about
"What does she do for you?"
"Is she always this good" (YES)
Can I pet her (sadly often I have to say No she is working but most people understand)

Remember the endrocronologist (diabetes) doctor (can't spell the word)? She was so afraid she would not treat me with Emma in the room. Her nurse would hold Emma in another office. Well now she is so use to Emma she wants her in the room. She even let her lay under her desk while we visited. Emma loves being under. She told me last week she still is afraid of dogs but not Emma. Not at all anymore...a step forward. She says she is trying to be more open minded about her neighbors dog who is very well behaved. But no she still won't let her kids have a dog - not yet anyway.

The medical staff the past weeks seem so open to Emma. If she doesn't come in for some reason (like at the alergy dr) they told me it is okay to bring her next time.

My friends are wonderful with Emma and my family.

Emma sure adds joy to our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

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