Friday, April 23, 2010


Emma and I enjoyed a walk. i used my scooter and am a bit concerned that the battery did not seem fully charged though it had been plugged in all day. Good time to notice this before MS Resort (Camp formerly). 23 days till camp/resort and we can't wait.
On our walk I went a bit further. To get Emma use to it.

My neighborhood is hilly. Emma walks with me all the time in stores, YMCA and so on. Walking outdoors on hills, with the distraction of other dogs is an adjustment. Tonight we went at a time when many many people were out walking dogs. Some would be quiet when passing Emma or in their yards. Others barked a lot.

This is a time of readjustment (I call it) or review for Emma. Reminders to her not to bark back. To keep going even when she smells places where dogs have gone to the bathroom. Not stopping to see the dogs who are unattended in their fenced in yards or on leashes in the yard. There seemed to be so many tonight.

Emma amazed me. At first she even pulled at a dog that was about to be walked by the owners and barked loudly at her. It was very evident both would have loved to play. It wasn't an angry bark at all. As we walked I just calmly reminder her to keep going, or that was "enough" or "leave it" - - by the end of the walk there was so much improvement. i was just so darn proud of her.
We will keep working on it.

In our daily outings in our regular routine - we normally don't see many dogs unless they are working dogs. She can handle that fine. It is dogs eager to play, gaurding their property as you walk by - that alerts her. Each summer we work on that skill to keep going, to not be distracted, and to not bark.

I love going outside with her. This is funny in a weird way. i used the scooter of course. She walked. We both came home needing water and panting. I think there was someting in the air, or the wind in my face irritated my breathing. How strange it seemed to both be panting. I had the easy part ha ha.

Next week we go to North Memorial Hospital in Robinsdale as an outpatient for some breathing tests. I have no idea how long that and a CAT scan will take. Anyway it bothers me some but not near as bad as when i was in and out of the hospital.

The MN Twins play again tonight. We like that if we can stay awake for the entire game.

May you have a good weekend. Mary and Emma

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