Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thurs Plans

It is Thursday morning. Emma and I are up and rolling a bit late. Believe it or not she slept till after 8:30 though she normally eats at 7 am. My husband works late so he left a bit later than normal - so all in all it has been a slow morning. We leave in a bit over an hour for water exercise.

On thursday's we normally go out to lunch - nothing fancy but that is fun. It will be later as class is at noon now. So our nap will be later too. I don't have to make dinner. Greg grilled last night. with just two of us, we always grill two meals at once. So we are set for the next day. It works out great.

You hear me talk about water exercise class but it is so much more than just using our muscles. That for sure is good for us, especially because the water enables to do things we could not do on land!! We also chat a lot both before, during, and after class. We laugh, we share stories about our families, and we are moral support. We are a support group to one another. I have gone for about 8 years. Can you believe that??? But I wouldn't miss it.

Some have been in the class even more years. Several about the same as I have. It is a big part of my social life during the week, I feel better when I go (twice a week) and I wouldn't miss it. So often we go and someone might say "I hurt so bad (or felt so tired) I didn;t want to get out of bed today. But now I am glad I did". Water exercise helps MS but gets your mind of it and gets you up and going. A man with severe neuropathy is also in our class and has the same comments. We also have had people with bad arthritis who say the same thing. You have to have MS or be a member of the YMCA to be in our class.

Fortunately for us you do NOT have to be a member if you have MS and want to be in the class. This makes it much cheaper for us. I wish I was a member and went more often but that just doesn't work out for me since I don't drive.

So I better do a bit around here and then I am off. Emma and I are going outside again. I always take her out early before our ride comes...we both like that.

I hope to write more later. Trying to find where I put my card reader so I can download some pictures. I don't know why I can't seem to always put it in the same place to make it easier to find. I am silly about that.

Have a good day. May you have friends to support you - Emma and Mary

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