Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah She Went Potty

Picture this - I do have privacy in my back yard for the most part. One neighbor can see but lights were out. After 11 pm I was out in my night gown and robe with Emma. IT was drippy but not rainy much. I coaxed her into going off the patio and into the grass ( a step she wouldn''t take all day on Tuesday). finally she after much praise went potty. The cue is BETTER GO NOW BUT THIS TIME IT INCLUDED COME ON GOOD GIRL. So we went to bed with a dog who had not gone potty for over 14 hours. No she did not wake us because she finally went.

Happy to report Wed am all was usual. She ate breakfast and went outdoors with Greg and both potty and poop her routine,,,She usually goes on schedule each day pretty predictable. But if it rains or we get too busy she will go unbelievably long without going potty!! Can that be good for them? I am asking the vet next time I go in.

We have had a nice surprise. Greg came home for a few hours before his night meeting today. We will enjoy that.
Hope your day has nice surprises.

Mary and Emma

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