Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed Smiles for You

Today flew by and included a big nap. The sun peeked out of the clouds a bit - yeah but temps were still on the cool side for June. Emma doesn't mind. she loves time outdoors like most dogs I suppose. We did a few errands with my friend Jan and had a simple nap. Home for a nap. Then dinner and another few errands with my husband. We are tired and now ready for bed. I think tomorrow will be warmer again and maybe sun?

The MS water exercise group is having a pot luck at one of the member's house tomorrow. She is having us in her garage and I hope it is not to cool. She had a nice deck but likes to gather in her very large garage with tables. I don't think she has enough room for us to sit inside. Greg is being a sweetheart and cutting up some melons for me to take with to the event. It should be fun for all. There is no swimmming this week as they are cleaning the pool, draining it and doing some drain work.

It was fun to see Jan. She is heading to Puerto Rico for a wedding next week. She is the best friend ever. I met her while teaching at St. John's in Excelsior. We just hit it off almost immediately. We have a lot in common. She is still a teacher but at a different school.

You may have seen this photo before but it makes me smile.
Have a Happy Day - Mary and Emma

Emma is ready to go outside again and the head to bed with me.

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