Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coping By Singing In the Rain

This is a blog post from Sat the 27th. I know you don't read my blog but I thought this may or may not interest you. Better than stupid forwards I sometimes send to you.

What Singing In The Rain MEans to Emma and I

Singing in the Rain twice this week. Okay I wasn't actually "in" the rain either time. Last night it rained and thundered. Emma did not seem to mind this time. Sometimes she has to be reassured that all is okay and keeps nudging me. We were up a bit during part of it and then like most nights she crawled in bed with us. We needed the rain and already my grass in the back (we don't water there) looks so much better. Mowed and green. I even opened the window to hear the rain. Have needed airconditioning at night most times.

Singing in the Rain the Play at the Ordway was awesome. Yes they really had water come down like rain and they danced in puddles too. How do they do that and not slip. It was very amazing to me. Pretty cute in intermission they had to put up the curtain and get rid of all that water. They had things like shop vacs but also looked like they were pushing water into a gutter type thing around the front of the stage. I am not fully certain as I was sitting in the balcony but the seats were great.

If only life were as easy as it seems in the movies with happy endings and lasting love. It was refreshing to see an older movie play (or was it a play first? I don't know)

"IT'S OKAY EMMA" is something I say to her often. I think now it really makes her calm down?! I say it if she is on alert like something is wrong and all it okay. Here are examples:

-at the pool she stands up if something seems not right. For example one time there were kids in the pool in the deep ending yelling and jumping off the the diving board, and being a bit too loud considering we had class. Yes the lifegaurd had a talk with the boys but I had to walk over in the pool so I was closer to Emma who was standing and looked alarmed and say it is okay. Or if she thinks I need help in the pool or other things - it happens once in awhile. I just walk over so I am closer to her (most times I can stay in the pool) and say its okay. My friends are amazed at her change in body language and then she lays down and rests.

-if something strikes her attention in the yard, out in public if a stranger gets to close to me and she thinks I look threatened she will show me by body language and/or nudge me and I say it's okay. Sometimes it is when she sees another dog in public.

-if I cry. Like at the movie my sister's keeper or at home. Emma will look at me as if to say "are you okay? how can I help".
At home she will cuddle next to me and I will also pet her while saying "It's okay Emma". At the movie I just put my hand down to pet her a bit and said it's okay Emma.

-Believe me it come in handy. I don't know if it is like a cue/command to her almost or how the trainers would view my observation. I do think Emma know what it means.

IT'S Okay Mary

I think Emma says that to me too. When I cry, when I am anxious, when I am in pain due to MS, when I feel depressed or discouraged - her presence in so many ways calms me. She reassures me. It is as if she can say to me "IT"S OKAY MARY" without any words. She can help me with a task, just look at me lovingly or snuggle. It means so much to me I am shedding tears as I write this. It is one of the reasons a service dog like Emma can change your life. I have my wonderful family of course but Emma is there 24/7/

So maybe by saying "IT"S OKAY to one another we are saying - It's raining but let's sing in the rain. Whether we want the rain or not.

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