Monday, June 1, 2009

Chasing Away the Blues

Are you kidding me? I got an invite for a fund raiser for a cruise on Lake Minnetonka for $90 per person. Of course that is out of my price range. It is a political thing. I was a little person who could make some phone calls not a rich person. In this economy especially I am so worried about money. There are budget concerns at Greg's job and we are worried what will happen...trying to take it one day at a time. Gosh I wish I worked right now...but I wish a lot of things that are not happening.

Emma and I actually had a good day despite my worries. We did some errands with a friend. Then we went to a place with a lunch special so could afford a fun lunch. We came home and Rosa later came over with Mike. They did laundry and visited for a few hours and I loved it. I especially liked that Rosa let me rock her and sing songs. She played so nice too it was such fun.

I am hoping to go water flowers and take some pictures. I will perhaps add more. I am a bit discouraged with life and don't want to whine. The economy is so depressing and I have children still looking for work and a husband worried about the security of his job.

Emma will be a good companion tonight. Maybe we should read or watch tv to get my mind off things. First a trip out to water my flowers...nature can help my spirits...

Emma was super well behaved all day. I sing a song I made up for Emma about the people who love her. i sing "Grandma loves get the idea. It was so cute she insisted I add in the verses that her dog Lily loves Rosa and then Emma loves Rosa...we all could use the reminder she gets of all the people who love us.

Mary and Emma

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