Friday, June 26, 2009


Greg went to get the batteries for the scooter. He needed the model type and the "mileage". Oh now what? He kept saying yes insurance won't cover it without the exact mileage!!!! I did get the additional model type he needed off the scooter and it was more detailed than just the brand of scooter I had reported. So I called him back and said the info he needed - then even after racking my brain I couldn't think of mileage? So I said can't they just guess?

He said Guess what you just gave me the model info that is all I needed. I guess something was wrong with my ears today.

Also yesterday talked of saving money and now paying to mow - but I did figure out another expense I could eliminate to pay for the mowing.

Nope you don't have to keep track of mileage on your scooter folks - who knew?

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