Thursday, June 25, 2009

Money Saved

Two Money Saving Events - one might help out others

Electric Scooter - Due to MS I have an electric scooter. Paid for in part by medical insurance years ago. Last time the batteries needed replacement I was told by insurance they don't cover that and paid over $300 for them. This time through the MS Society staff I learned IF your insurance paid for your scooter they normally cover all or part of the batteries. So this time I was more assertive with insurance and a woman did some research and yes batteries are covered at medical supply stores which they work with. A bit more telephone work and I found one in my area. I have reached the out of pocket maximum for the year (which for the plan I am on in july starting new) so if I get it tomorrow we will get them at no more cost (I pay plenty for insurance). I am on Greg's plan and medicare. Not sure if medicare would have same benefit. It is due to medications and other reasons that i stay on Greg's plan too.

Car Problems - Do you have a mechanic like this? We called and he came to our house rather than have us pay for a tow to his work place (his own business). He brought the thing to read by computer what is wrong (diagnostic). It was the battery (he said some are frying in this hot humid series of days this year). He had brought us a new one (we didn't expect this) and got it in and started. His business is also in Maple Grove but gosh I call this service. His prices are much cheaper also than like Goodyear etc.

Okay that is money saved. We are trying to save every penny (aren't we all) for bills but also we plan to go to Duluth for my Brother's small wedding on the shore of Lake Superior. We want to stay a few nights if we can afford it. Money is so tight for us like so many. Keep praying that my son and daughter find work.

Off to water exercise.

Tonight Emma and Greg will be home. Jan is taking me to the Ordway to see Singing in the Rain (her present to me). Because of where the seats are we think Emma will be more comfy at home. She has been to the Ordway before though several times.

Hope you find a surprise in money saved soon - we all can use that.

Mary and Emma

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