Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday

I am writing early so I don't get too tired out to write at night.

We will enjoy the morning outside and then off to a movie and late lunch (early dinner?). We will keep the meal simple and cheap but fun with friends.

Yesterday we went to the potluck with friends from the MS swim. It was casual and enjoyable. Emma stayed at home as I knew she had an "outdoor dog" that normally wanders in and out of the garage where she had planned for us to eat. Her dog stayed mostly on the deck but i still think it was for the best. Her dog is a very big lab and not really trained at all. He is a hunting dog I guess but didn't seem to mind her commands. Cute dog though. She lives a very short distance from here so Emma was alone only a few hours. She did fine.

Emma will be with me today. It is so nice out I could spend the entire day outside in the shade but made these plans with friends.

I will try to write more later - I just want you to know all is well with us....Hope you have a good day...Mary and Emma

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