Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sat night

Oh I enjoyed the Open House but I sat in the Sun without sunscreen. The breeze made it nice. I look like a lobster where the sun hit me. Amazing I made it in the sun with MS. I was enjoying visiting with relatives.

Emma stayed home due to their dogs. One is not good with other dogs. Emma did just fine and i gave her lots of TLC when I got home.

The water heater installation is a mess. Yeah I think some of our kids are coming to help out. I have a wet wet laundry room as it was not fully drained as it appeared to be when Greg tried to move it. Even some on the carpeted hallway. The old one (no surprise to me) he couldn't get outside alone. The kids will have to help him move it out and the new one in. We have only very cold water but heated water on the stove to do dishes. We are saving over 300 installing it ourselves and hope it goes smoothly or at least better tomorrow. I obviously am no help.

Emma and I are off to bed. Happy Father's Day to all Father;s. Judy tell Steve thanks for being a Foster Dad to Emma when she lived at your house. Emma likes Greg but when he says time to go to the "car" she will not go to the door to be dressed for him. She insists that I be at her side and only then will she let him help with the dressing. Normally I do it anyway. Sometimes to save time he will want to get her ready for me. Nope she wants me and I love that fact.

Some rain for tomorrow later in the day. My flowers need it.

Happy Father's Day - Emma and Mary

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