Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emma Leave It

Thank you HELPING PAWS for teaching Emma to leave it.
We were in our front yard with Emma. She was smelling something and it made noise like it was a baby bird?
We said leave it and I got Emma to move back with me away from it.
Greg found in the grass the littlest creature.
At first he couldn't even tell what it was but we think a baby rabbit.
Mommy rabbit came right in the yard watching us.

We went in the house so mommy could tend to baby.
My neighbor was talking to me so she looked to.
It was just so little and if not for the bunny in the yard we might not have guessed what it was.

Now we know why the Momma Bunny has been in our yard so much around that spot.
We didn't see a nest though - could it have been moved there and move a bit in the grass a bit?

One might argue our yard most certainly gets enough rabbits
All the neighbors agree we get many and they can get in our gardens
But still the little rabbit is so tiny

Thank you Emma for leaving it.
Thank you for obediently moving away from it and in the house.

My neighbor was so impressed.
Her dog Tobby (now deceased) would never had let it be she said.
Emma you are super.

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