Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rainy Night - Emma no likes

After a cloudy day it is raining tonight. We need it. Emma however has gone incredibly long without going potty. I even walked out in the rain with her (rather than stand at the door or under an umbrella). she looked at me like I was nuts (it was only a light rain at that point) and refused to even try to go to the bathroom. I will have to watch the rain and see if she will go out when it lets up. Honestly when she wants to she can go so long without going to the bathroom. I guess Michurski's would call her the camel dog.

I can't seem to locate where I put my card reader to down load pictures from my camera. I need to take more of Emma anyway. Sorry folks. We are so set in our routine I do not remember to take photos. She is always adorable and so fun to be with.

today we went to water exercise. It now starts at noon. We get picked up at about 11:15. At an entire hour later you would think I would get a chore or two done before we left but I did not. Today we did go to Bruegers for lunch and talked up a storm. We got home in time to handle a few phone calls. Then we took a late nap (after going outside) and gosh now it is after 7 and I still have barely gotten anything done. Greg is working late so not home yet.

Emma does not judge me. She just snuggles up to me if I sleep/nap, we watch tv, I read a book, or at my feet if I use the computer. I think I am addicted to playing scrabble on the computer with a friend (Hi Suzan and service dog Logan - she almost always beats me but I just won her by only 14 ponts - whew). I have a few other computer games. I pick up ( with Emma's help) and time just flies by.

When my children were small I worked so much harder. I managed time better. For seven years I even managed daycare in my home and my own kids busy school activities, summer activities, volunteered at church etc. So I blame MS for being slower now but wonder if part is also age? part learning how to relax? In those days I never watched tv unless I was also doing dishes, laundry, or multi tasking in some way. I even managed graduate school during those years (I loved school).

I guess Emma is really not minding the rainy night as she snuggles in. I am going to finish those dishes and I have just one load of laundry to get ready. If i don't do it tonight I will do it in the morning! I think Greg's mtg goes till 8 so should here from him about what time he expects to be home unless things go later than planned.

Ooops the rain has slowed up - I will see if she wants to go outside to go to the bathroom. If not I will wait till she asks to go outside. Someone asked me at swimming how I know if she wants to go to the bathroom...she is on a pretty regular schedule. At bedtime or if she has to go extra times, she comes over and I can read her body language. If that doesn't work she puts her paw in my lap and pleads with her eyes. Both my husband and I can tell when she wants to go out but like I said she has a pretty predictable schedule so that makes it very easy for us.

Let me know if there are things you want to know about a service dog. I worry we are getting boring. You can reach me at maw40@comcast.net Please please no spam and no business solicietations

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