Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Am

I guess I should blog earlier in the day. Monday I was so tired and just couldn't get to blogging before I went to bed. I think others with MS sometimes have this trouble - needing naps and/or going to bed early. It is like our energy gets used up too fast on this and that or seems just gone for the day.

We are off to water exercise this morning. Later we will have to water flowers. I hope to down load some pictures for you from my gardens today? i have pink, white, red roses blooming. One plant is truly taller than I am and full of pink blooms. Even when trimmed back in fall it grows very full and tall. We love it and so does our neighbor.

We have been outside a lot the past few days. It did get pretty warm in the 80's for me so we also have the ac on indoors. We get out in the shade, and in the earlier and later hours of the day so I can handle the heat.

Greg works tonight so I should be able to write about our day tonight. Hope you have a good day.

Mary and Emma

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