Saturday, June 20, 2009


We have chores to do here and then an open house to go to for two nephews graduation. Nice weather but a bit warm. I shouldn't complain as I have air conditioning in the house and do enjoy the outdoors. It will be fun to see relatives and I can handle the heat for awhile i think.

We slept in a bit later than normal and are slow in getting going. Last nite Michael came over with Rosa and boy was that fun for us. There dog Lily came over also. Rosa and I played playdough, colored, she played with her little house and play figures, she had a messy dairy queen treat so I gave her a bath. she modeled the new pajamas I had bought her (too cute) and gave us a little musical show too. she likes to sing for us. Tuesday she will stay overnight. Sunday I will see her and all my kids for Father's Day.

Greg is hoping to install a water heater and the old one is still draining. I should have taken a shower before the hot water was turned off - I forgot we would be going out to see family today. Emma has enjoyed a few trips outside already. We will be gone during her "nap time" so she seems to be catching a few zzzs. Soon she will be helping me with chores around the house. I have some picking up to do and a bit of laundry to fold (seems like I always have laundry right?)

We are doing just fine. The open house if on the Weinand side of the family and we haven't seen them for awhile so that will be nice. Greg would rather not have to interupt the installing a water heater project but has no choice. He has a sore shoulder that he had a MRI for yesterday. Michael helped him bring the new water heater in yesterday. He will have more help again tomorrow if needed.

Hope you have a nice weekend. don't worry if I don't write on Father's Day - things will be busy here. Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend and Happy Father's Day. Thanks for the nice emails I have received recently too.


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