Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ouch A Sore Back

Oh my gosh my back hurts. Gosh I don't know for sure what I did. All I did was mis step.

We were home all day. My son Michael and Anna came over to check on me. Anna is doing laundry and staying for supper. Yum Yum Greg is making Walleye (spelling?), I have had to rest a lot and cancel plans to go anywhere but gosh I am in good hands.

Greg and Anna have made sure that Emma got outside. She is happy to crawl into bed with me a lot. Hoping to be up awhile in a chair tonight if I can be comfortable doing so.

I need to do my back exercises daily (once it isn't so acute) to help deal with this issue. I see the physical therapist next week also.

Yeah for my wonderful children. Greg tried to stay home from work a bit later to be sure the pain was under control. I am in good hands.

We hope to go to water exercise tomorrow as it is good for my back. I will be oh so gentle on my back if I go.

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