Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those Who Train Service Dogs

Today we want to honor those who train service dogs.


Thank you so much Judy first of all
You took me from a 8 week old puppy
What did you think when you looked in my eyes?
When you first held my wiggly body?
We have pictures from you of the early days.

Did you know that all these years later
I would still have that wiggly butt and puppy scoot
When I was excited?

I know there were times when I learned
things oh so quickly
Remember how I reacted to clicker training?
There were times I maybe needed more practice.
Did you ever get frustrated?
Or how about when I did learn a skill so well
But did not want to show it off in class?

Did you know I still at times do that sometimes
for Mary
Do you know that ever day
Every moment that I work or play with Mary
That she and I know it all started with you
and your family
and the wonderful HP staff
who led the classes?

Apparently raising and training a HP Paws Dog
was good for you
Now you have raised Tiga, Charlie, and me

Mary told me now you have puppy Keeley
I think you said you hope Keeley (like Tiga)
will one day have puppies for Helping Paws?

Do you know how grateful we are?
Mary can write later about her views.
I like being a dog with a job.
I like having a human who is with me every minute
I like the things we do like going to water exercise
Bookclub, church, shopping, movies
All those things

But I learned all that from YOU
I learned both how to be able to do Skills
But also how to bond with someone special.

I know it was tough on you and your family
When I had to leave you
To Go Work with Mary
I know you shed some tears
That Even the Grandparents and your neighbor
Were both happy and sad when I graduated
But most of all you were joyous
For you new I had a very special mission in Life

Mary writes A LOT
But she tells me and I agree
That no amount of words will express our gratitude
I agree
No amount of words will capture the bond we have
No amount of words will explain how much we thank you

So today we celebrate YOU
We will think of you all day
With special thoughts and prayers

I will take more time to play with Mary
We will hug extra tight when we snuggle
We will be even more attentive to each other
Celebrating what you taught me
Celebrating all the time you gave to me
Celebrating how you socialized me
Celebrating the skills I learned

Readers please add your special thoughts
Or prayers for those who train the dogs at Helping paws
The foster parents
The staff and volunteers

Your the best
I have a great great life with Mary
Thank you I will always love you.

Love Emma

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