Friday, July 10, 2009


I am frustrated and weepy due to fluctuating blood sugars.

Emma again alerted me to low blood sugars. She would not leave me alone. She kept nudging me and carrying on like she does when she is doing "go get help".

When she did I realized how shakey I was and weak. Checked my blood sugar and yes it was too low AGAIN. She stayed close to me till all is normal and I am functioning okay again.

Now have you heard of a Helper Dog doing that???

I am frustrated as my own endrochrinologist is not available till Monday. Her partner was not much help (long story) and I have waited since Wed to talk to a Dr. The nurses though at least listened.

The issue is you can only lower the amount of insulin that I usually take very gradually or I will have even more problems. BUT The current amount is causing sugars to suddenly go way too low. Way too low.

So for the weekend I have to check it often and eat as needed to keep sugars okay. So far I am eating way more than normal to handle this and not feeling very good either. My own specialist will be available again on Monday.

I think Emma can read my body language. I know when it is high you can smell fruity and she will want to lick my skin.

It is all worrisome to me but they tell me at least it goes up (blood sugar level) with food like it should.

I will make sure to well docuement it all this weekend so I know what to tell the Dr on Monday. They are considering putting in an insulin pump for me for many reasons. I wonder why this problem suddenly arose. In 8 years I have only had a now and then low blood sugar where I could usually figure out why it happened.

I don't know if this is over reaction but when I sleep I am now setting an alarm so I wake up in a few hours or in the middle of the night to make sure it is not too low.

Life is sure never boring.

Mary and the Wonderful Dog Emma wish you a good weekend.

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