Saturday, July 11, 2009

Copaxone Drug Co Info

Those with MS know copaxone is an injectable drug taken daily to help deal with Multiple Sclerosis. It helps lessen exacerbations and my doctor says should help with the long term problems of MS. We hope it keeps me out of nursing home for decades.

Anyway if you are using this drug or know someone who is - here is some info.

Teva is offering a program to help with the copay costs. Even with Greg's income we qualifies and they are paying 100% of my copay. I got the med for a month with no copay.

I called shared solutions 1-800-887-8100 for details. I think you have to be with specific pharmacies but not sure. I did have to agree that I would take it daily and have it delivered monthly or I would be dropped from the program.

It is worth checking out. My insurance requires me to use a specialty pharmacy that they selected or I would not get drug coverage for that drug. All other drugs I can have at any pharmacy that I choose.

Any money saved is appreciated. My copay was not as high as many people I know though. Check it out. See if it helps you out or pass the info on to others.

Emma gets groomed today yeah year. The bath should feel good to her.

Mary and Emma

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