Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day With Rosa

Today we spent most of the day with Rosa. She slept overnight and slept late.
Emma and I sure enjoyed her company.
We played outside, inside, and then outside again.
Mommy and Daddy came right before we took a nap.

We colored, read, played dolls and watched a Dora the Explorer Episode.
It was such fun.
She likes to swing on our playground and that was relaxing for us both.

She gave Emma lots of hugs.
Emma liked the time outside.

She was asleep in my arms before they left.
Emma and I cuddeled in for a nap.
Greg came home to join us.

Now a quiet night. I have to pick up for the cleaning lady comes tomorrow.
Just a little more to do.
It was a good friend.

I have a good friend Judy who has MS.
She is very sick in the hospital. They think it started by eating food(left overs) that had sat in her car too long).
Please pray for her. She is so weak she can't walk and is having other problems.

Take good care of yourselves. Be careful not to eat food that is in the summer heat too long.

Thanks Rosa for a great day. She has her hair shorter now but I love this picture. My sweet Rosa

Mary and Emma

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