Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feeling Better on Saturday

My night went okay regarding the blood sugar so I am feeling better.

It is warm and sunny. Emma and I hope to go with Greg for a few errands, get some time outside before it gets too hot (or we will stick to shade really) and then I have some picking up to do.

I was up in the night a bit. Emma of course stayed up with me. She and I and Greg all slept in till almost 10!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that unbelievable?????????? For a lab to wait that long for breakfast? For all of us to be that tired. Luckily my blood sugar didn't go to low in that time because in the night I had to have just a bit of milk for carbs for blood sugar. I think about 4 am which is still night to me.

Yesterday, we rode Metro Mobility and had the nicest driver. He starts work at 4 am daily. I mean pulls his bus out of the lot no later than 4 am!!! He is done than at noon. He lives near where I grew up in North Mpls so we had the best chat about the area and why he likes living in the City. Where he plans to move from his big house when he retires etc. I have had such good luck with Metro Mobility.

Metro Mobility is the name of the bus service that helps transport those who can't take city buses. Normally due to disability physical or sometimes mentally challenged individuals. You have to apply to be accepted. I had to apply years ago and I think even your physician has to verify your need? Then it comes to your door and brings you to the door to get your there safely. They literally walk you in the door to where you go.

Some People complain the driver said as you have to realize it is a "shared ride". That means they take several people on the bus depending on who requests service and the route that makes sense. So for example I went to the Mpls Clinic of Neurology in Golden Valley. Now if we drove we would allow 20-30 minutes to get there. On the bus i allowed over an hour and 15 minutes.

You don't know till you get on the bus if you will be alone and go right to your destination (sometimes that does happen mid day on Wed when we come from counseling home). More often they might have one or two other people to drop off or pick up on your way to your location. I grew up on the City and took City buses so am use to picking up other people. It is a small bus so sometimes you chat with the driver or the passenger but not always.

Sometimes when i bring a blanket to cover her seat - a driver will let EMMA sit on the seat by me. She prefers that and it usually is if there are no other riders. MOST TIMES they want her on the floor. She tries to drop for me but the vibration of the bus bothers her. So now a sit works best. It does at time freak her out a bit if the bus stops quick and she slides forward.
Even that she is handling better. Staying calm.

The bus drivers have always been good drivers and kind and polite to me. Women or men they are professional and courteous.
I often get questions about the service dog from the driver or passengers. Every where we go Emma and I seem to be educating people about service dogs.

Well we better get moving. I thought learning about Metro Mobility might be interesting as I know we have some new readers. Readers from other cities sometimes email me to ask about it. Or if you live by me it might interest you if you or a loved one might need the service some day.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday.

Mary and Emma

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