Thursday, July 9, 2009


A volunteer at MS camp (for over 25 years) had a kidney transplant yesterday. Yes for those who know him it was Reggie!! He had kidney cancer years ago. Please pray for his recovery.

You may note after I see my granddaughters or do other fun things - some times I am too tired to write. I have to head to bed to rest and went to bed early too. Was it worth it - yep you bet. We had such fun at the pool. Sophia is a real fish in the water. Rosa went down the children's size water slide so many times. All by herself. Sophia of course could go down the big one. We had a blast.

Today I have water exercise. I am slow to get ready. Emma and I are going to go outside to wait for our ride. I will write more later.

Yeah Reggie...he is such a good person to so many. Thank God for the transplant.

Mary and Emma

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