Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes I Like to Write

Coming Soon....

Another blog -

Better Together -
A journey of friendship to better health and life.

Jan and I are working out the details.
It will be at wordpress.com IF I can figure out how to post there
Learning NEW things is not easy for those of us with MS

I will also keep blogging here about Emma and I

Did You Know - I used another address when I blogged my first years with Emma?
My First Blog I wiill keep adding a few words now and then as some new readers have wanted to look up when i first got Emma.
I am honored that a new reader contacted me and is reading each entry from the beginning kind of like it was a book! Imagine that.

Last night I went back and read a few of those first entries.
It made me cry to remember those exciting days.
I was both nervous and excited.
I was scared too about if it would work for Emma and I.

Yes it has been wonderful with Emma... more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.

Watch here for the address if you want to see our blog on friendship and dealing with chronic health problems!
It should be interesting.

Off to water exercise with Emma. Sorry Emma the metro mobility bus again - she prefers when we get a ride in the car.
Have a delightful day

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