Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emma Helps With Medical Needs

Hugs are so important. I love this picture of Rosa and older sister Sophia. Aren't they beautiful. I don't see Sophia as much because she is with her Daddy (my son is her step dad) but love them both.

Daily many of my hugs come from Emma!!! She gives hugs when she cuddles up next to me on the couch or on the bed. Sometimes she literally wraps her paws around my arms or legs as she lays in bed with me. She is so much comfort and support. Today Greg worked a long day so I really enjoyed her presence tonight.

We went to water exercise today and on Thursdays we often go to lunch. Today to El Lorrel my favorite Mexican Restuarant in Crystal MN. Emma was good at both places. We also went outside twice in the morning, after swimming and twice tonight. She has such a strong bladder we would not have to go out that often for her bathroom needs - I just like being outside. She likes exploring the backyard, playing with me or just resting watching the trees and birds like I do. I have a pretty backyard I think.

My problem past three days is low blood sugars. Today they said I had to go on a stricter meal schedule and they will help me also adapt the insulin. For months battling high sugars has been the issue - ever since Thanksgiving when I was on steroids for the breathing issues. This is very new to me though I have been diabetic for 8 years.

Now Emma is not like a seizure dog but she can tell when I get too low. i get shakey (it happened today after water exercise) and even more trouble functioning. A staff person came over to me at the YMCA. She actually noticed first that Emma seemed upset and then looked to me and wondered what was wrong. This happened Tuesday and then too Emma was concerned and both times even after I had sugar and was better Emma was like glue to me - closer than ever. I am not sure what a seizure dog does to alert the person but once I get shakey or weaker Emma does NOTICE. She is more attentive than ever.

One more reason why I treasure having Emma. No two - for hugs and to help pay attention when my sugars are low. I know she would go get help if i asked her to do so. It appears that even if I don't ask her behavior alerts others to something is wrong. She doesn't bark - she just appears concerned.

OCTOBER 7th we have been asked to do a demonstration for MS PATIENTS. I am hoping Judy and Liz can join us again this year. Claudia and Jan now have service dogs too. Maybe they will read this and join us? My email is

Off to bed

Emma and Mary

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