Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Touching Story

After medical appointments
Emma and I went shopping

Children are fascinated with Emma
Echos of "mom there's a dog in the store"
are not uncommon

One young man saw us today
He pulled on Grandma to get us closer
Mom was down the aisle.

We were stopped to look at something
He came to my side
"Why is your dog in the store?"

I explained I needed help
That she was a helper dog
And I told him of some of the things
that she could do for me.

"She can do all that?"
I told him yes

"Well I am a good helper too"
I told him I bet you are

He asks a few more questions
about Emma

Then he moves up to my side
I was in a scooter

His Mom says it is time to go
He says
"I am going with her"
"She needs a helper
and now she can have 2 helpers".

He was only 4-5 and so serious
so sincere
such a tender heart.

His mom took his hand and
explained he needed to stay with her.

I softened the blow by telling him
Emma would help me and my
husband was there too.

"Okay lady
But I really am a good helper"

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