Monday, July 13, 2009

A Quick Note Tonight

We need to get to bed tonight it is already 10 pm here.

Emma did LAUNDRY today. She did a lot of laundry. handing it to me from the basket. Retrieving it if I dropped it on the ground. I sure drop even that a lot. If only she could put it away. We did several loads but while waiting for loads to finish spent a lot of time outdoors too. It was great weather. My neighbor had some time to chat so that made it even nicer for me. My neighbor is retired but usually so darn busy I don't see her this much in the summer. We both enjoy it.

Emma likes Lucy as she likes dogs. In fact on the two occasions she got out of the fence she ran right to Lucy's patio door. She was content to have Lucy pet her.

Today Emma did so super. The Cable Tech had to come to do some work for us. Emma did NOT bark one bit. She also did a great job of staying so she did not go downstairs where he was fixing something and bother him at all. Now barking for her can be a behavior when a stranger comes into the house. I just assured her all was okay and she stayed relaxed and obedient. Good girl Emma.

Off to bed. Water exercise tomorrow. We take Metro Mobility because the person who drives me is not going. Hope we also take a long nap as we have a super long day planned for Wed.

Great sleeping weather here tonight. Gosh it was nice NOT to need air conditioning today.

Have a great day

Mary and Emma

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