Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July - Dan is Coming Over

The above is a butterfly house I made at camp a few years ago. We have milkweed and flowers growing in that garden. No butterflies yet but it looks cute. The milkweed are now blooming and as tall as the house. I was out watering plants and weeding a bit so thought I would post this photo.

My son Danny is coming over to see us today. Emma is happy and so are Greg and I. I don't think anyone else is coming over. We are making a roast on the grill. Doesn't that sound good. We are making making sandwiches, corn on the cob, salad and fruit too. Mostly we will enjoy the company. We just found out that for sure he is coming over.

The air is heavy and humid today. I couldn't be out to long as it impacted my breathing. Emma found where the rabbit nest was located. Remember last week we found a poor little rabbit that did not survive? It was about a foot from the nest which was then more hidden. The little guys today were so much bigger (in a weeks time) and now it is more evident where the rabbit hole is located. it is in the front yard and Emma and I won't go near it. The neighborhood has plenty of rabbits but we won't intefere with them.

OUR FREEDOMS - I can't help but think about the freedoms we have in our country. . . especially the ability to express our political views and to vote. I also am thinking about John Donahue a friend of the family who died in Vietnam and was buried around memorial day decades ago. It was the first time I knew someone who died in the war. I was in high school. I still think of him. I also think of Military men, women and their families. I can't truly imagine the courage it takes to fight for your country in a dangerous situation Where would we be without them?

I salute them. I thank those who work in the military so I can enjoy the freedoms of the United States. I don't take for granted our freedoms.

Happy 4th of July - let freedom ring.

Also Emma is handling the noise of the 4th of July well. I don't think there is as many fire workers or fire crackers as past years. Still last night there was some noise and she just cuddled up to me on the couch. She has enjoyed lots of time outside today but then needs lots of water. It is warm and humid.

Mary and Emma hope you have a good holiday.

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