Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News to Celebrate

We were at Mayo Clinic for Greg's cancer check up.
I am happy to say we are home and everything went great.
He had very thorough testing and all turned out well.
Things are healed from the surgery and no sign of
cancer spreading or tumors at this time.

He will be watched carefully.
We are all so grateful for this good news!

Emma was very good in the car and in the hotel.
What a sweetie she is for me.
I used the scooter most of the time.
I appreciated both her help
and her company
especially as I waited for Greg during various tests.

One test was much longer than I expected
and i cried imaging the worse -
a kindly staff explained to me why it takes
so long. I simply had not been informed of what all was involved
in this test.

Emma was happy to get home to her own yard.
The weather was almost 40 so I took her outside for walks
that was good for body and soul.

What a happy night.

Wishing you good health - Emma and Mary

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