Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Emma in the Snow Story

It is 63 and sunny here. Yahoo. Spring. i didn't need a coat. i actually got so warm in my friend's car! Emma and I have enjoyed outside. We also went out with a friend to do some errands and have lunch. It was such fun.

We are always ambassadors for Helping Paws. At the place we ate the people at the next table had tons of questions. I answered the best I could since I was in no rush to go. I also directed them to the Helping Paws web site. Emma was excellent - the waitress and those individuals did not even know she was there under the table until it was time to leave.

So we are home now. Almost ready to read and nap. Took Emma outside and in the back a portion of it is almost always shady. So there is snow in those spots.

Imagine how cute this was -- Emma found a spot. She layed down on it and the snowy patch was not much bigger than her body. She tried to put her face in it but it isn't very deep now. Then she tried to roll in it. She just looked so forlorn or disappointed.

Don't worry she will love grass too. She will love walks with Greg and scooter rides with me. She is just so awesome to have around.

Wish I had a movie of her today in the snow. It won't last long with these temps. I don't know if it will stay this warm but gosh we are enjoying it so much.

Have a good day,

Mary and Emma

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