Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emma bring's Smiles

One of the roles I think Emma has in life is to bring smiles to other's.

To complete strangers even as she is with me in stores or in public she generates smiles. In doctor's office's, emergency room's, hospital's everyone smiles. She generates warm feelings even in times of worry and pressure.

Out shopping, children and adults alike comment on her beauty, how well she behaves, and how darn cute she is. For children especially there is so much enthusiasm as they proclaim "look mommy a doggy in the store!!"

At church, at water exercise, if we go out for lunch - just everywhere she gets attention. She rises to the occasion and demonstrates typically outstanding behavior. Okay, she can be stubborn and not want to work once in awhile but that does not happen when I really need her to be her best. She is such a great dog.

Of course she is a member of the family. So she generates smiles from my granddaughters, children, and so on.

But Emma. My dear Emma - my smiles are from the depths of my heart. You warm my heart with your help, your affection, your snuggles, your beautiful eyes and every thing you are to me and the way you enrich my life.

Yes today I am thinking about how you enrich my life and how you bring Smiles.

I love you so much Emma.

I thank you so much Helping Paws and Helping Paws supporters, staff, volunteers, foster homes and of course wonderful Judy Michurski and family....Emma makes me smile and shed tears of gratitude.

Love you Emma -- Mary

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