Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Night

Emma and I had a nice day. We had lunch with a friend who is a teacher and on spring break. Jackie is wonderful young woman. It was great fun. She also took us to get stamps. Thanks goodness for friends.

Emma is adjusting to less and less snow outside. Now the snow is in just very small areas of the shady back yard. They probably will be gone tomorrow. She is doing pretty well at letting me wipe off paws as she comes in too.

"Put" today we used put a bit. I needed some things moved and some of them I thought would be a challenge for her. She did great. We do use put regularily but not so much lately. Does that make sense? I just find some commands/cues we use all the time and others less often. It seems to depend on our routine at the time. It is not that I thought she forgot "put" it just is I am always impressed by her skills.

Tomorrow will be a big Metro Mobility day as we head out for a diabetic educator appointment on the other side of town. They are picking me up more than an hour before I need to get their (no if we drove it wouldn't be that far) and will pick up other riders as we go. I hope we get a driver who will let Emma sit on the seat, they don't all tolerate that. Part depends on how crowded the mini bus will be. Anyway I am so glad for this service. My cleaning woman will be here so we will come home to a clean house. How spoiled I feel to have that help.

Nap time...Emma is now 7 and we sure have a routine. Certain things we do certain days of the week and of course our daily nap. Today I almost avoided the nap time as I had things to do. Behind in some things I am trying to accomplish. Well she was with me and her eyes were so heavy. It is like in her facial expression she was telling me it was "nap time". She had her head in a cute position and it was darling. I will have to see if I can ever get a picture of her. So yes I followed Emma's
advice and we headed for a much needed daily nap. We both felt better I think.

I talk a lot to Emma. Greg kids me about it but doesn't mind at all. Sometimes I wonder how many words Emma understands as she seems to understand a lot. I wonder what she thinks about and how she views me. I sure love her and all that she adds to my life.

We better head to bed. I am sorry this seems boring. I need to think about some creative ideas for the blog. Emma's eyes look heavy again - time for bed....Mary and Emma

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