Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking For Snow?

Emma is looking for snow to romp in and roll in these days. Each day more and more is melting. In her backyard that means more and more areas of muddy grass. I am so proud of her - today when she was out she avoided the muddy area, and stayed in the snow. It has been raining for days. A light steady rain that is melting the snow of winter.

In some places the rain means the snow melts too fast and there will be flooding. We don't have to worry about that where I live. All Emma wants to know is where to go.

She has discovered some of her toys that were under that snow. There must be interesting smells as the yard is exposed. things will dry up and you can see grass!!! It will take some sunshine to perk the grass up and turn green. sometimes we still get snowstorms at this time of year. It will be interesting to see if any snow comes at all now.

Emma is looking out the patio door as I compose this. The rain has picked up and she would come right back in if I took her out. She doesn't like this heavy a rain. We are home for the day and will watch for periods of no rain or light rain to get her outside.
I wonder what she is thinking? My dog that loves the snow so very much !!! Inch by inch it is melting away...........

She likes summer grass too, fall leaves, and of course the smells and wonders of spring........but gosh Emma loves snow.

Hope you have a nice Friday and good weekend - Mary and Emma

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