Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anna and Emma

Emma truly shows her "wiggle butt" when Anna comes over. Anna and her friend Brian spent most the day with us. How fun was that?!! They took us on some errands and hung out with us. Gosh it was such a fun time for us. Emma loved getting outside with Anna.

Our cable got fixed and we are watching "Little Women". We had a good day. Greg is working and we miss having him around. We are doing okay though.

The snow is melting and temps will rise once we have a sunny day. Daylight savings time (is it called off or on now?) and so the daylight will last longer into the evening. That will be nice for Emma and I. Soon we will be out on scooter rides daily. We made sure she got out a lot today.

Emma is good at snuggling, at helping me, and just so adorable. People are always impressed by such a pretty dog and her behavior...she makes my days better.

She is getting to know Brian and enjoyed his attention also. When she is "off duty" of course they can play and pet her. She enjoyed the extra attention.

I am so blessed to have my children and wonderful husband and Emma. They all make my life better and assist me in dealing with the harder times with MS or asthma. Where would I be without them?

Emma, I appreciate you so much.
Thanks for making this day so special.
Anna and Brian thanks for spending time with was fun.

What a good day for us.
have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

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