Saturday, March 27, 2010


HI Folks,

We got out of the house after a morning nap.
I love naps.
I also love all the time I had outside today.
It is nice out though cloudy.
Mary seems to feel a bit better.

We rode along to Greg's work for a short meeting.
Then visited Becky and Justin who had the scooter (long story)
So now it is at our home ready for daily walks.

We had an afternoon nap also.
We might even lay down a bit now.

We stopped for a short grocery store visit.
Mary said I was great. I did work hard all day.
Mary says I know how to show my best behavior.
I did today she said.

Tonight we will maybe fold clothes
and watch tv or read.
That is what is new.

It is suppose to be sunny tomorrow.
I hope so.

We wish you a good weekend.
I heard Judy my first mom went golfing today.
March in MN you never know what it will be like!!!!!!
Many years there would still be snow in the yard.

Have a good evening


I like the daylight lasting longer into the evening.
It means I go outside even more times.
Today two squirells outside made my outing even more fun.
They sure run fast.

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