Friday, December 31, 2010

Okay after a car accident

We ended the New Year with a bang...a crash that is. Our car was broadsided as we went through an intersection. It was not our fault but our car ended up with the most damage. Luckily no one was hurt. I was grateful for that. It happened Thursday.

Today we will celebrate NEW YEARS EVE with the granddaughter. They will soon be here for supper and a sleep over. I have games ready, colors, things to make cookies, healthy snacks (they wanted fruit) and so on. Greg and I just worked around the house today. Got things done since we didn't think we should drive the car.

Our mechanic is so kind he made a house call and talked with Greg about the damage. Wasn't that nice of him?

I was sore but think I am okay from it all. It was a big SUV that hit our mini van so ours crumpled on the passenger side. The big car had little damage except (picture this) her license plate was wedged into our car. Came off her car and got mangled between our wheel and the door. Hard to explain but took awhile to get it out.

We were intending to be home tonight anyway. It is a bit icy here so I hope everyone drives careful who is going out.

2010 was a year to remember. Greg had cancer again, I had some hospitalizations due to asthma/pneumonia but there were many good things also. Our family is doing pretty well (normal struggles) and everyone is healthy. My children all live in town soI am blessed to see them often. We remain a close family. I have a great family and awesome friends for support.

2011 - A friend of mine is already composing her resolutions. I need to think on that. I tend to make the list too long and can't keep up with it. I need to be realistic.

We even got Emma some special treats for tonight. Healthy of course.

I hope to journal about the blessings of this year. Maybe i can share more tomorrow. One thing Emma is a blessing in my life and that enriches my life immensely.

As you end the year and we venture into 2011 - I wish you many blessings and happiness. Know that family, friends and yes pets are super support as you face life with its up and downs.

Mary and Emma

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