Sunday, December 12, 2010


I was actually out of the house to go to a store and a yummy dinner today. Gosh the snow is deep. We have a lot but I hear Mpls got even more

I am tired and will write more tomorrow. Emma is leaping over the snow to get around the yard though we did shovel a path for her to get out the door and into the yard. She seems really tired after being out to play. I sit in my rocking chair and watch from the patio as today was brrr cold.

It was good for her to get the extra walking while we went shopping iwth Greg tonight. I can only handle a few stores but good to get things picked up. I knew what i wanted so we got a lot done, including dinner (our favorite Mexican Place) in just a few hours. Also enjoyed seeing Christmas lights on our way home.

Emma and I are ready for bed...Mary and Emma

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