Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Holidays

Today Emma was so happy. We went to lunch and a store in Maple Grove. She got to smell new things in the Good Things store. She was very well behaved. She walked outside in the snow bank as her reward. Those who walked by chuckled at the dog diving in the snow.

At home is fun too but I think new places and smells are fun for Emma.

I am going to wrap presents tonight. That should be enjoyable as I did part already. Greg is my elf picking up some gift items as he comes home from work. Our well loved "Christmas Eve Hotdish" is in the oven. We decided not to opt for it on Christmas Eve but it is a dish my mom use to make so we like having it this time of year. Smells good while cooking.

I Think we will see Rosa for a few hours tomorrow. Sophia is with her dad. There is no school or pre-school for them this week or next. Seeing her and playing would be fun. If we have to shop it won't be much and we would take her along.

I have breathing problems at times when I am in the cold and when I walk. So gettinng out was good but also a bit challenging.
I am so glad to have a wonderful friend to share lunch with. I found one item I might go back for - I am not sure yet (or send Greg).

Well off to wrap or use gift bags on some items. I never seem to have enough mid to bigger size bags.
The best present of course being with friends and family. All lmy children and granddaughters will be here on Christmas day so I am very very pleased.

Merry Christmas

Emma and Mary

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