Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowy Night

It is Friday,
Yesterday was a busy day and I didn't blog. Thanks for not giving up on me. Some days I get too tired. Our day Thursday included Dr appt, and some time with my kids.

Today we made a homemade pumpkin cake, napped, and went out for just over an hour with a friend Jan. We were both tired (Jan and I) but had a nice chat and early dinner. Greg is working a bit late. A big snow is predicted here. We could get a foot or more of snow so Greg wanted to finish some things at work. He hopes to be home tomorrow.

For those of you not in MN or even those here. Greg had to do errands for work. The stores are busy with those getting groceries in case it is bad like it might be and we are snowed in till Sunday or so. The roads are also busy with people out Christmas shopping. Normally you might expect that, but even more so with the worry that they might have to stay home tomorrow or all weekend.

In MN though remember we are use to snow. So a foot though a nuisance we will handle. High winds and bitter cold is expected and that changes the picture. So think of us those of you in a warmer temperature. ha ha.

Emma loved play time outside today. Gosh she was so fun outdoors. The deeper the snow the better she lives it. She sticks he entire face and upper body into the snow piles. She comes out all full of snow and an expression that says "this is just great".
I bring inside a pretty wet dog and she is happy as can be.

I will see if I can use my husband's camera to take some photos to share over the weekend. There is an event for my MS support group SAT am. A potluck gathering but I am not sure if it will be held if it is really snowy. I made a my home made cake (I don't bake much) and have that ready to go if they do meet.

I am going to listen to the weather report on tv. More tomorrow. The snow is expected during the night so we will see what we wake up to...

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend

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